We originate new ideas from a client specification and redesign and update existing products and portfolios. 

Sentinel are experts at not only balancing the customer requirements of quality and cost but also in producing a superior consumer experience.




Finding the Needle in the haystack

It can be a challenge to find both the suppliers to make complex products as well as to determine which supplier is not suitable when presented with hundreds of possibilities for the simplest of products. 

Sentinel has over seven decades of China and Asia business experience to find the right supplier and to manage the process and ongoing quality requirements.



testing the limits

As well as designing and launching new products that best fit our clients, Sentinel also offer prototyping and product testing. In order to minimize the launch of an inadequate product and create products that best fit the actual needs of the consumers.

Sentinel have the skills and experience to design products that have exceptional qualities but can also be efficiently and practically manufactured.




Everyone judges a book by its cover

Sentinel designs and sources a great variety of consumer packaging from simple cardboard boxes and retail display packaging to anti-bacterial storage for healthcare products.

Sentinel takes the same care and approach for designing packaging as for physical products as we understand good quality packaging can really make a product stand out from the competition. After all it is the final point of interaction between a product and a customer just prior to purchase and good packaging helps close the deal.